How do you manage your inbox? I open my inbox and there are hundreds of messages.  I delete and a minute later, I have more and more messages. It is too much. I hardly have time to read one message before there is another message from the same sender. I hate to delete without reading,  but it is just too much information. So, I spend 10 minutes deleting messages. I hate to stop receiving messages, but it is coming to the point where I cannot keep up. I tried the folders at work and the rules setting that work well. My personal email account does not offer the rules setting…if it does, let me know, so I can start using it. yahoo

If you happen by this page, please stop in and give me some advice.

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My fitbit #Fitstats for 2/26/2014: 9,842 steps and 4.5 miles traveled.



mother and daddy


My Mom and Her Dad

I recently read an article by a blogger reflecting on a conference she attended on the challenges of parenting. Here are a few of her points.

Motherhood is from the cradle to the grave. We are teaching our children how to nurture.  One day they will take care of us the way we have taken care of them.

I remember how well my aunts and uncles cared for my grandmother when she became terminally ill.  They refused to send her to hospice. They kept round the clock care  by taking turns looking after her and keeping a journal to document everything that happened each day.  My mom did the same thing for my grandfather.  She doted on him, as if he were her son.  My grandparents were wonderful people and they were taken care of by loving children.  A great example of love shown during very challenging times.

Loving your children: Stop, look and listen: stop what you are doing, look them in the eye and listen to them when they talk. Give them focused one on one time.

I am really bad at this. My older son always says Mom, put down the iPad, or look at me, I am talking to you.  My husband is great at this, he focuses on the boys and really listens to them.  I need to work on that one and I will…..

My fitbit #Fitstats for 2/20/2014: 5,607 steps and 2.4 miles traveled.

From 12 p.m. to 1 p.m I participated in a yoga class where the room was 105 degrees with 40% humidity. Hot Yoga! I did not know I could sweat so much. The Hot Yoga class was the express class and we completed 26 poses. This could not be too hard.  Getting started was easy, the standing pose where you are breathing! In and out, not a problem. I kept looking around to make sure I was in sync with the others, I was….I perfected the standing pose, now on to the next pose…half moon pose…I was able to bend from side to side, nice smooth movements….I am like I got this now… was the awkward pose….up on my toes, bend at the knees and squat like sitting on a chair with hands straight out in front.  I was surprised that I was able to keep my balance.  Still looking around to make sure I was not the only one looking crazy but trying to look like I knew what I was doing.  Did she say take a water break….no, but I did anyway….my goodness, hot as hell. But I am cool.  On to the next pose Eagle pose….I looked like a pretzel……trying to balance and stay focused by looking in the mirror helped some…Pose number 6 take your knee up to your chest, then lock you fingers under your foot and gradually extend your leg out in front of your body while holding your foot, are you serious.  I could only lift my leg off the floor two inches..forget about holding on to my foot.  We switched sides, no better result for me on the left side. Now the next few poses I had was moving like a pro…by the time I got to pose 13 Dead Body pose, I was almost in that state.  At one point she said that we should look like a grilled cheese sandwich, when viewed from the side.  I was a grilled cheese sandwich.  Once we were on the floor, I let out a sigh of relief….being able to lay flat on the floor, legs extended, resting was wonderful. I did not want to move… I am thinking the hour is almost up, oh no, we had 10 more poses to go.  At one point all I could do was stand and look at myself in the mirror.  I must do better.  I made it to the end of the class.  The nice instructor gave each of us a cold towel with a hint of mint or something. It was heavenly. I have a seven day pass, so I may try Hot Yoga again.

Below is the list of 26 hatha yoga postures:

Standing Deep Breathing 1 Standing Deep Breathing Pranayama(Sanskrit)
Half Moon Pose 2 Half Moon PoseArdha-Chandrasana(Sanskrit)
Awkward Pose 3 Awkward PoseUtkatasana(Sanskrit)
Eagle Pose 4 Eagle PoseGarurasana(Sanskrit)
Standing Head to Knee 5 Standing Head to KneeDandayamana-Janushirasana(Sanskrit)
Standing Bow Pose 6 Standing Bow PoseDandayamana-Dhanurasana(Sanskrit)
Balancing Stick 7 Balancing StickTuladandasana(Sanskrit)
Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose 8 Standing Separate Leg Stretching PoseDandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Paschimotthanasana(Sanskrit)
Triangle Pose 9 Triangle PoseTrikanasana(Sanskrit)
Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose 10 Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee PoseDandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Janushirasana(Sanskrit)
Tree Pose 11 Tree PoseTadasana(Sanskrit)
Toe Stand 12 Toe StandPadangustasana(Sanskrit)
Dead Body Pose 13 Dead Body PoseSavasana(Sanskrit)
Wind-Removing Pose 14 Wind-Removing PosePavanamuktasana(Sanskrit)
Sit up 15 Sit upPada-Hasthasana(Sanskrit)
Cobra Pose 16 Cobra PoseBhujangasana(Sanskrit)
Locust Pose 17 Locust PoseSalabhasana(Sanskrit)
Full Locust Pose 18 Full Locust PosePoorna-Salabhasana(Sanskrit)
Bow Pose 19 Bow PoseDhanurasana(Sanskrit)
Fixed Firm Pose 20 Fixed Firm PoseSupta-Vajrasana(Sanskrit)
Half Tortoise Pose 21 Half Tortoise PoseArdha-Kurmasana(Sanskrit)
Camel Pose 22 Camel PoseUstrasana(Sanskrit)
Rabbit Pose 23 Rabbit PoseSasangasana(Sanskrit)
Head to Knee Pose and Stretching Pose 24 Head to Knee Pose and Stretching PoseJanushirasana and Paschimotthanasana(Sanskrit)
Spine-Twisting Pose 25 Spine-Twisting PoseArdha-Matsyendrasana(Sanskrit)
Blowing in Firm Pose 26 Blowing in Firm PoseKapalbhati in Vajrasana(Sanskrit)

Here is a view of January and some of the activities I have planned for February. We have 24 hours in a day and I find it hard to take time to plan.  I took a Franklin Covey course years ago…..having one calendar, and checking the calendar before committing to another event is one of the techniques I learned however, find it hard to follow.  Keeping an electronic calendar and a paper calendar is so time consuming. I need to figure out a method because we are two months into the year, and I want to make the best of each day.

January 2014

February 2014




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